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Seven year old Plover boy gets second chance at life


A young Portage County boy is full of energy once again—that comes just one month after a life saving procedure.

Colton Laffe is just like many boys his age. He has secret handshakes, toys and loves playing with his dogs.

But something about Colton sets him apart. At just seven years old, he's already on his second heart.

"Colton from time to time would complain that his heart hurt," Colton's father Jason Laffe said.

In February, Colton was diagnosed with a rare heart disease.

"Our life just stopped, our world stopped turning," Laffe said.

Doctors told Colton's parents that if their boy didn't get a new heart, the outlook wasn't good.

"There's no cure, there's no medication. It was either a transplant or lose our son," Laffe told Newsline 9.

Colton was just six years old at the time.

"Seeing Colton sitting on the side playing with his DS, crawling up to his mom with tears in his eyes saying, ‘Am I going to die?' ‘No buddy, we're going to get you the best doctors in the world," Laffe recalled.

In April, Colton was put on the heart transplant list. Then, it was a waiting game.

"You wake up in the morning and you think it's just a dream, until you get ready for work, put the pager in your pocket, and it's not a dream," Laffe said.

Four long months later, the call came—Colton was getting a new heart.

"Oh my goodness, it's finally here," Laffe said.

Now, just four weeks after his surgery, Colton is full of life and love once again.

"Colton, he's my super hero. Most kids look up to their parents, but I look up to my boy. He's my best friend," Laffe said while he looked at his son.

And Colton's not afraid to show off his scars.

"I'm going to get a zipper," Colton said. Laffe said Colton told him that he wanted to get a zipper tattoo on his scar.

But Colton still has a long road ahead.

"We definitely look at life a lot differently," Laffe said.

Colton's parents are appreciative for their son, and his second chance.


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