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First frost of the season starts the harvest for some farmers


For many farmers, the first frost of the year means the end to their growing season.

"It kind of sets them back and if it's a very hard frost, it's got to be down in the 20's for a certain amount of hours, it's pretty much done," said Mike Borchardt.

Mike Borchardt said this weekend's cold weather means it's time to harvest at his farm in Edgar or risk losing his crops.

"It pretty much devastates everything, kills it off, and then it's just a matter of dry down and you can go from there with them," said Borchardt.

But not everyone has seen frost this season, farmers we talked to said it all depends on where you are.

Roger Ross said the hard frost hasn't made its way to his farm in Marathon City.

"In our position, frost not a problem anymore," said Ross.

But Ross said the weather has affected his farm.

The hot dry summer made his crops mature faster.

"It's here 15 or 20 days earlier than normal right now," said Ross.

But even with this year's wild weather, farmers we talked to said they're still seeing great crops.

"The moral of the story is mother nature is in control and you're not going to control her," said Borchardt.

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