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Aaron Rodgers look-a-like Packers fan


One Packers fan says there aren't many places he can go without being told he looks like Aaron Rodgers. He met the Pro-Bowler and has the picture to prove it.

26-year-old Eric Mueller says he's told all the time that he looks like Aaron Rodgers, and that it happens at least once a day.

"It was the day after they drafted him, I went to school the next day and my teacher told me I look like Aaron Rodgers," Mueller said.

And that was far from the last time.

"Most of the time they say, 'Has anybody ever told you?' and I say yeah, I've heard that a lot," Mueller said.

The Packers fan's friend lives next to the MVP--that's how he was able to snag a picture.
"I was really shocked, so I didn't say too much," Mueller said.

He sent the picture to Rodgers, hoping he would sign it.

"He signs it, 'You're a good looking dude,'" Mueller said.

The life-long Packers fan says he's even recognized in Viking's territory.

"I went to a game in Minnesota and one of their fans said the same thing and was shouting until we got to our seats," Mueller said.

Once a year, Mueller takes advantage of those similarities.

"It's my go to Halloween costume," Mueller said.

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