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Potential employers looking for variety of skills


Hundreds of job seekers turned out for a career fair in Wisconsin Rapids, and they obviously face a lot of competition.

Finding a job in this market can be very hard, especially for those who've been laid off or who've just finished college.

But job seeking experts say there are certain things you can do to stand out.

Jose Ramirez was laid off in 2008. But instead of looking for a job in the same industry, he went back to school.

"I know I'm an older worker looking for a job in a new field, and that can turn some people off," Ramirez said.

But he's says that's not slowing him down. He graduated from Mid-State Technical College in May and has applied for more than two dozen jobs.

"The experience I bring with having been in the workforce for many years can be seen as an asset," Ramirez added.

He's just one of more than 500 that headed to the Central Wisconsin Job Fair in Wisconsin Rapids. Others, like Aaron Cutlip are fresh out of college, with no work experience.

"The job market has been really hard," Cutlip said.

Cutlip says he's concerned about the number of people just like him looking for jobs.

"It's definitely more for me to compete with, so it's going to be harder for me to get a job," Cutlip said.

So what do employers look for? Job experts have the answers.

"Employers are telling us that team building, communications skills, listening—those are really important. And they're seeing employees who come in that don't really have those skills," Corey Anfinson with the Wisconsin Job Center said.

And on top of that, the application process has changed as well.

"In this market, you can't just walk into a place anymore and have that personal contact. So the job fair is a great time for them to get their face out there," Anfinson said.

And with the Wisconsin unemployment rate at 7.5 percent, job hunters need their faces to stand out, so they can land the job they want.


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