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2 year old boy pleads for allergy free Halloween


Halloween is all about the candy. But, for those with food allergies, the holiday can be difficult. That's why one woman has started a program, hoping to raise awareness about food allergies and make the holiday more enjoyable.

Amanda Maltbey will you tell you her 2-year-old son Brennan is her inspiration. But, when the family found out Brennan had life threatening food allergies their world came to a halt.

"We lived in fear, we live in our own little bubble," Maltbey said. "It was a learning experiences, figuring out what we could do, what we couldn't." 

Now, a year after his diagnosis, she's decided to raise awareness.

"They already have a hard enough time being excluded from things and having to be aware of risks so this is just something to help them feel a little more normal and be safe," Maltbey said.

That's why she created the "Allergy Friendly Trick-Or-Treating" program. The program calls on the community to give out a non-food item on Halloween for those who are allergic.

"I'm not asking anyone to give up the candy, just have a different option," Maltbey said.

With Brennan close by her side, Maltbey spent the day handing out flyers to area businesses and city halls in Rothschild and Kronenwetter.

"I'm only one person, there is only so much I can do that's why I need help from the community," Maltbey said.

She's even created her own Facebook page and says so far the response has been positive.

"Anything anybody can do to help these little kids is appreciated," Maltbey said.

And hopefully the most difficult part of Halloween for Brennan is trying to find the right costume.

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