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Higher cost of feed means pricier pork


Pigs feed on corn and soybean meal and it isn't cheap.

"There is anticipated a loss of between $50 and $100 dollars per hog with this high price of corn and soybean meal that is necessary to produce our pigs," said Mid-State Tech College Professor Mike Sabel.

The price of feed is especially high this year because of the drought.

"We're losing the money on some of the hogs we've been feeding," said Pittsville farmer Paul Behselich.

The high feed prices are causing some to speculate that farmers are raising fewer pigs and will cause a shortage in bacon.

But farmers we talked to said it's not necessarily a shortage we should be worried about, it's the price of pork.

"In ten months to a year down the road, you're definitely going to see less butcher hogs coming and therefore the price will go higher," said Behselich.

The rising cost of feed has farmers like Behselich cutting back on the number of hogs they're bringing in.

"Normally we'd feed about 300 a year, but this year we're going to be cutting back to probably a third less than what we would normally feed because of the higher cost of feed," said Behselich.

Still, Behselich said there's plenty of pork, just not enough profits.

"You can't lose money forever, eventually if you keep losing money, you're just going to go out of business," said Behselich.

Meaning for now, there's no need to rush for your last strip of bacon, but be prepared to pay a bit more.

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