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Potential for deer crashes high this fall


There's a warning for drivers that could save a lot of time and money.
Police say there's a big chance a deer could run in front of your car. That's because mating season is going on. But we've learned not many people are heeding the warning to be careful.

We've all been told to drive carefully and slow down. And when deer are out, that's especially important.

"We would expect to see a high number of deer both harvested and also possibly killed on the roadside as well," said Wisconsin DNR official, Cortney Schaefer. 

Deer are most active in October and November. That's also when a lot of deer are hit by cars.

"Especially as folks are driving during the fall, it's more important to be aware of deer because they become more active as the breeding season begins," said Schaefer.

But a lot of people aren't paying attention. According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, last year there were more than 18,000 crashes in Wisconsin involving cars and deer. That's almost 50 a day. It happened to this car just last week.

"This is a bigger deer hit right here, we're into the project right now with a new hood and a new fender and the front end was replaced," said business owner, Bob Yach.

The owner of Precision Body and Frame in Schofield says he sees a lot of customers with banged-up cars during the fall.

"We make sure all of the equipment is running properly and we make sure we have enough vehicles to loan out," said Yach.

And Yach isn't a stranger to deer crashes, and he's not alone.

"I hit it with a tow truck," said Yach."

"I've hit a deer with my personal vehicle and in my squad car," said Sgt. Rich Reichenberger. 

That's why officials say it's crucial to keep your eyes on the road, slow down, and realize you may be sharing the road.

Officials say deer are the third most commonly struck object in Wisconsin traffic crashes.

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