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Central Wi. sleigh ride business affected by weather


Jim Doberstein has been driving trails in Withee for 22 years, with colorful fall rides in autumn and sleigh rides in winter.

"People don't realize the beauty that we have out here," said Jim Doberstein.

But for the first time in his business' history, this may be the last year.

"You don't have snow, pretty hard sledding," said Jim Doberstein.

He said last year's unusually warm winter made sleigh rides almost impossible.

"Last year would have been my busiest year, we had so many bookings last year, but we just couldn't go," said Doberstein.

If the weather doesn't cooperate this year, Doberstein said he'll be forced to sell his horses.

"This team would probably go for a sleigh ride team, but if there's no snow, nobody's looking for a sleigh ride team," said Doberstein.

The Doberstein Express is a family business, one he hoped to pass on to his grand-daughter.

"It's really hard for me cause I've pretty much taken over, I know the horses, I know the business, it hard," said Elizabeth Doberstein.

"You see, the business is my life, I mean it, I don't know how people can retire," said Doberstein.

Doberstein said it won't take much to keep him in the black.

"If I could get a hundred people on my hay ride this fall, I'll stay in business," said Doberstein.

But he admits, he could use a little help.

"I have one silent partner, that's mother nature," said Doberstein.

If you'd like to know more information about the Doberstein Express, call (715) 785-7714.

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