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Top 5 plays of the week

The first play of our countdown is the first carry for Edgar's Mitch Boehm this season. Boehm making his touches count, takes his first carry of the year 43 yards for the score. Edgar improves to 6-0 with a 55-7 win.

Number four, DC Everest taking on Rhinelander on the pitch. It's scoreless when the Evergreens work the corner into the box before Mitch Depke heads it home. Take another look. Depke with the nice header to redirect it. Everest wins 4-1

At number three, after he scores a touchdown, Rosholt's Owen Neff takes the two-point conversion and uses the pretty spin to get around the defenders and in. Neff and Rosholt punch their ticket to the playoffs with a 22-12 win over Almond-Bancroft.

Number two, Athens had a little confusion on this punt return. But, Craig Boyd is never confused when he has the ball. Turns on the afterburners and heads down the sideline, makes one nice cut and scores. Athens cruises to a 73-0 win.

For our number one play we head to Thom Field where Wausau West took on Kaukauna. Warriors up nine when Jordan Huehnerfuss puts it on the money to Jacob Martin. Martin with the great catch with a defender all over him. West wins 42-14.

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