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West side neighbors concerned about suspicious fires


It's been an interesting few weeks for neighbors near Fourth Avenue on Wausau's west side.

Neighbors said suspicious fires have not only made them concerned, but more aware of their surroundings.

"It makes me very uncomfortable, really unsafe, because my wife and I, we have kids of our own," said Kevin Lysland.

In the past two weeks, Wausau Police said they received calls of two reported fires.

"We're still investigating that, still taking leads, investigating leads," said Wausau Police Chief Jeffrey Hardel.

Neighbors said they wonder whether the fires on nearby streets are connected to any others.

"That seemed kind of suspicious with the other fires that happened in Wausau this summer," said Shyenne Borchardt.

Right now police said they aren't sure about whether or not there's a connection between the fires.

"Detectives and the fire personnel have been meeting on a regular basis to compare notes to see what kind of factors we can piece together," said Hardel.

The most recent fire happened in an alley between Fourth and Fifth Avenue late last week.

The fire burned two cars and the damage left behind is still very visible.

"I looked out the door and there were two cars engulfed in flames," said Borchardt.

Neighbors said the fires are getting their attention and has them watching for suspicious activity.

"It's really scary, that's why I just try to keep my eyes open," said Borchardt.

Some neighbors have already formed a group, keeping an eye out for anything that doesn't seem right.

"They have someone to come to if they have a concern and to just kind of join forces," said Borchardt.

Police are still searching for suspects and clues and ask that if you have any information to give them at call at (715) 261-7800.

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