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Outdoors with Lauren: Bear hunting



Winter is just around the corner so bears are at their fattest right now getting ready to hibernate. I set out in Lincoln County to see if I could catch one on camera.. 
Bear tags are incredibly difficult to come by, so without one, we're out to shoot with a camera instead of a gun.
Our day began at 5 A.M. checking on the bear baits.  Their sweet tooth craves pie filling and granola, leaving a few different clues, we take action.
Avid bear hunter Tony Dallman says, "once the bait is hit you let the dogs out and they can smell it. They'll follow the scent till they get to where its bedded down and they'll chase it." 
When the dogs are on the scent of a bear it's called a hot run, and it turns into a waiting game. We spent the rest of the day tracking the dogs on a GPS, hoping they could chase the bear up a tree.
Dallman tells me, "It takes a lot of patience. A lot of people just see us tearing around, but we have to wait for the dogs to do their job and try and get the dogs help that are in there with other dogs."
When the tracker stands still, that means the dogs have tree'd a bear, but we seem to have been out-smarted. "Sometimes the bear just cuts back on it's backtrack and you have to make circles to try and figure out where it went. Sometimes they can't figure it out, we had that happen today."
A few members of our group say they saw the bear cross the street right in front of them, but after an eight mile chase, the dogs were worn out. Leaving only tracks behind, this bear must have been camera shy. 


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