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Jefferson Award Winner: Connie Wang


Chances are when an emergency call comes into the prentice volunteer fire department.. Connie Wang will pull the ambulance out the firehouse.

"It's in me when the page goes off I want to help that person and help them get better," Connie said.

Connie's motivation to help the sick and injured started back in 1978 .

A hunter was shot near her home and she watched precious minutes slip away.. Waiting for help to arrive. " I stood in my window and watched, it was opening day... So no one was on call. I thought there's got to be a solution."

It didn't take long for Connie Wang to come up with a solution. " I thought, I am going to become an EMT,  so when a call comes in I can jump in my car and go to the scene."

That was 34 years ago and Connie remains a state and nationally certified EMT/First Responder.

Her car is always packed with lifesaving equipment.  So whenever her pager goes off, she often arrives on the scene first. "I can give them oxygen and take their blood pressure and keep them calm."

A calming presence from a 79 year old woman who shows no signs of letting up.  Connie turns 80 in November. But,  5 days a week you'll find her at fire station, often sleeping overnight.

The remaining two days she works in a restaurant.

Who can have downtime when you have a husband, 7 children, 15 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Then, there are the patients she feels compelled to follow up with. "It doesn't end there with me. I have to go back and see them. You know what I mean?"


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