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Children across the state participate in youth hunt


The woods were quiet Saturday, but a group of hunters hoped they wouldn't be for long.

"It's far better than any video game or computer or anything else, you can't beat it," said John Lane.

John Lane has been hunting his whole life and he said he looks forward to teaching young hunters the skills he's learned.

"I live for it, this is more important than hunting for myself," said Lane.

Parents said the youth hunt continues the tradition of connecting with the outdoors.

"My son is grown, he's 21 years old now, he's just like I am, but I don't get this, you know, I don't get the new experience," said Lane.

Now, Lane uses his knowledge to help other children learn about Wisconsin's hunting tradition and Zach Czaikowski is one of them.

"When the deer walks out, you know, I'm shaky and when you're aiming you have to stay concentrated and keep on breathing, otherwise you're going to shake more and then miss the deer," said Czaikowski.

The Milladore 10-year-old said it's something he's been looking forward to.

He's headed into the woods for the first time this year with his father and his mentor, Lane.

Czaikowski said he hopes to show off the skills he's learned.

"It's just going out with my dad and having him watch me shoot a deer," said Czaikowski.

After, of course, some practice and learning the correct way to handle a gun.

"A youth-sized 20-gauge, that knocked me on my butt," said Czaikowski.

He said he's ready to bag a buck and make his first hunting season, a memorable one.

The youth hunt continues through the weekend.

Gun Deer season starts November 17th.

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