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World War II veterans pass time in unique way


A group of World War II veterans have a long standing tradition of meeting at Wausau Flying Service every day. It's a close circle of friends who share memories, laughter, and some coffee.

Meet Ned, Frank, Paul, Bud, Mark, and Francis. They're all World War II veterans and best friends.

"It's just a bunch of people that have a whole history together," said Wausau resident, Ned Treptow.

But their friendship is unique. These men grew up together, fought in the war together and for the past 12 years, they've sat together for two hours, 5 days a week at the Wausau Flying Service, with just a cup of coffee and some donuts. Where stories of their past, present, and future come to life.

"Every one of these guys that are in this club is the kind of person that I would trust my life with," said Treptow.

"It's a friendship, there's always something new to talk about," said Weston resident Frank Wanta.

"He had a service station on Grand Avenue, and he decided to close the station, and then they were talking about what they're going to do with the group that meets here, and I came and talked to John and he said bring them down, that's how it got started," said Wausau resident Francis Susor.

"We always look forward to meeting all the guys here you know," said Weston resident Paul Gajewski.

"I come down here to be with the fellas," said Wausau resident Bud Englert.

But that's not always possible, in fact just this year, the club lost 8 members.

"We've lost a good number of people since I've been here, we miss them, everybody has their own characteristics," Weston resident, Mark Redetzke. 

But the circle of life is nothing new to them.
So they try to make the best out of every day, by continuing this long tradition.

"We all look forward to it, it's a good start to the day, sometimes it gets lonely in the house," said Treptow.

When they're together there's never a dull moment.

"For this bunch, everyday's a memory."

The veterans meet every morning from 9 to 11 a.m. at Wausau's Flying Service. They say it's a tradition they'll continue until they can't make it to their daily meetings anymore.

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