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Wausau students learn fire safety


Smoke is filling your house, and the only door out is hot. Would your child know what comes next? Students at Hawthorn Hills in Wausau do.

"If there's a real fire, you won't get stuck in the house while the fire is going on," said Derek Ly, Hawthorn Hills 5th grader.

Wausau Firefighter Jeremy Kopp is teaching students how to react if there was a real fire.

"Feel the door, feel the handle, if it's hot, do I open it? Nope. If it's not hot, I'm going to take a peek," said Lt. Jeremy Kopp, Wausau fire inspector.

Fake smoke is used to simulate a real fire, and students can see the advantages of staying low to the ground.

"You see the dirty air up high? The clean air is down low. That's why we tell you to stay low," said Kopp.

"We want them to have fun, but we want them to know it's serious, and it could save their life someday," said Kopp.

"I don't want to lose any of my family members," said Sarah Landeau, Hawthorn Hills 5th grader.

Firefighters say that's the point—getting everyone out safely.

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