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Tips for staying healthy this winter


We know the signs of getting sick.

"Scratchy throat or runny nose," said Anne Torstenson of Rothschild.

"Runny nose, starting coughing, sore throat," said Derrick Baptist of Wausau.

"Oh that awful, achy kind of feeling," said Pam Literski of Edgar.

Getting sick is something we'd all like to avoid.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible.

"Once kids have been in school for a week or two, they're passing germs around, getting sick, they're coming home and getting their siblings and parents sick," said Dr. Bart Hobson of Marshfield Clinic.

But there's plenty we can all do to prevent it.

Doctors said keeping your hands clean is the first line of defense, using hand sanitizer can make all the difference.

"You can pick this stuff up from surfaces, you can pick it up from other people, people contaminate each other, their hands, and then they pass it on to other people," said Dr. Hobson.

Dr. Hobson said there are other things you can do to keep healthy.

In addition to keeping your hands clean, Dr. Hobson said it's important to stay in shape, by exercising daily and eating a good diet.

He also said it's important to always cover your cough when you're sick, to keep germs from spreading to others.

Although some wonder if the cold and breezy weather plays a part in making us sick, Dr. Hobson said it's much more than that.

"It's the number of viruses that get into you that make you sick," said Dr. Hobson.

So keep your sanitizer close and live well.

"I want to stay healthy," said Literski.

Doctors also said getting your flu shot each year is an important part of staying healthy throughout the winter.

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