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La Crosse school set to operate year-round


The La Crosse School Board voted Monday night to make Hamilton Early Learning Center a year round school on a three year trial basis.

Next school year, students begin a 45 day on and 15 day off schedule.

The Kiser family just moved to La Crosse from out of state. 

"All of our family is in Ohio so usually the summers would be reserved for going and visiting our family and vacations," Mallory Kiser, Parent of Pre-K student said. "If they have to go to school year round it's going to be difficult to do that."

Other parents welcome the change.

"Six weeks afterwards I'm like I need to go do something rather than sit at home," Heidi Mueller, Parent of 5K student said. "Yeah, I think she'll learn more."

Principal Steve Michaels agrees. He said if he were teaching again he would enjoy the schedule change.

"You can set goals for kids and say look guys we've had nine weeks to do this and we've got three weeks left. We need to push hard and then there's going to be a break for you," Michaels said.

Part of the 15 day break will be used to give students falling behind extra help; others could take advantage of enrichment opportunities.

"From the kids perspective I think they're resilient," Michaels said. "I think they'll respond well to this and I think they'll enjoy having breaks."

But, Kelly Bush said try explaining the breaks to an elementary school student.

"I like it as an overall idea," Bush said. "My only problem with it is that I have children at multiple schools and I think it will be hard to have children in school when other children are not in school."

Kiser said her daughter Poppy loves her new school and teacher, but they're going to look at other options for next year.

"Kind of the fun part of being a kid is going to school all year and then having your summer to do things and be a kid," Kiser said.

Superintendent Randy Nelson said students living outside the Hamilton neighborhood boundary could apply for any openings; those openings would be created by parents who do not want their children to take part in year round school and choose to send their children to other schools in the district.

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