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New driving law changes phone rules for teens


It can take only a few seconds to send a text, but those moments can change your life forever.

"They don't even realize it when they're texting, they don't know that they're drifting into oncoming traffic or away," said Wausau Police Safety Officer Maureen Pilsner.

Nearly 400 Wausau West students got that message at an event for Teen Driver Safety Week.

"It can happen to me and it might happen to me if I do text and drive and it just makes everything seem more real," said Wausau West Junior Maya Desai.

Students got behind the wheel, with the help of some virtual reality glasses and took a trip down a dangerous path.

"I didn't really focus on the road, I kept checking back at my phone to see what I was typing or if I was typing it correctly," said Wausau West Junior Emily Chang.

"Very bad, very bad, I crashed like right away," said Wausau West Junior Hunter Kuehl.

Newsline Nine's Dan Griffin wanted to see how easy it would be if he got behind the wheel to text and drive and it wasn't an easy task.

Like many of the students, he struggled to stay on the road.

Starting November 1st, it will be against the law for young drivers to use a cell phone.

The new law applies to drivers with an instructional permit or probationary license.

If caught using a cell phone, drivers could face a fine.

"When you get a text while you're driving, just keep it in your pocket and just don't look at it," said Kuehl.

A sign that no matter what your age, car or experience, it's a dangerous way to go.

First time violators face a fine of $20 to $40 dollars and repeat offenders face fines ranging up to $100 dollars.

Officials said to remember that texting while driving, no matter what your age, is illegal in Wisconsin.

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