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Trick-or-treat safety tips


The aisles are lined with Halloween costumes, which means that soon kids will be getting dressed up and gathering as much candy as they can.

But Halloween can make moms and dads a little bit worried about the safety of their kids.

"I know that the police department has a lot of police out patrolling, and there are a lot of areas for kids to trick-or-treat close to my house," said Ashley Pohly, a Marshfield mother.

Police say they sometimes see an increase in criminal behavior around the holiday.

"It's a time of year to maybe do some tricks or to possibly get involved in some behavior that might not normally occur throughout the other times of the year," said Lt. Rick Gramza of the Marshfield Police Department.

One of the best ways to avoid trouble on Halloween is to know where your kids are going and when they'll be back.

"I'm going to drop you off there, and pick you up there, and you have to stay in contact with me, and let me know where you're going to be," said Pohly.

"It's important to know where kids are at all times, and make sure they're cognizant of our city curfew – and they're not violating that just because of the holiday," said Lt. Gramza.

Authorities also want to remind parents to encourage their kids to wear light-colored costumes and avoid dark neighborhoods.

Parents should also check their children's candy to make sure it's safe to eat.

"Even though kids are quite eager to dive into their bag of goodies – to hold off until parents have a good chance to inspect everything and make sure everything the child was given is safe and edible," said Lt. Gramza.

Police say as long as parents talk about safety with their children, trick-or-treating can be safe and enjoyable.

"Have fun, but be safe. Be smart, and try not to trick too many people," added Lt. Gramza.

Marshfield's police and fire departments also hand out candy during trick-or-treating hours in a program called Kids Kandy Patrol.

The city's trick-or-treating hours are 5:30-7:30 on Halloween.

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