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Storms leave major damage behind in Marathon Co.


"We didn't even have even any warning at all, it just hit," said Tiffany Bruesewitz.

Neighbors said it wasn't something they expected to happen.

"We've had trees down, but nothing like this and again, yeah, not this time of the year, I mean it's October," said Bruesewitz.

But the early morning storm was fierce when it hit the Town of Hull.

"It just sounded like the whole house was just shaking," said Bruesewitz.

The storm took down trees and damaged silos and barns.

"I couldn't believe it, I just, instant tears, I'm like this can't be real," said Cindy Pagelsdorf.

Left behind, damaged buildings and trees, and fields covered in blown away pieces of wood and insulation.

"You could just see things, debris, all over, unreal," said Bruesewitz.

Neighbors said it all happened so fast and it took down a barn behind Bruesewitz's house. Neighbors said they're just glad everyone's ok.

"Buildings can be replaced, but people cannot be, that was my very first question, was everyone ok - and everyone was ok," said Pagelsdorf.

As neighbors begin the task of cleaning up and trying to figure out what's next.

"We just start cleaning up and repairing and that's all we can ask for," said Bruesewitz.

Neighbors said the whole community is helping with the clean-up efforts and that they are also getting help clearing the debris from local construction companies.

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