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Gas prices continue to fall


Gas prices across the country have taken a dive and they're expected to go even lower.

Gas station owners and customers agree—they hope the prices continue to fall.

Marty Gustafson says she saves at the pump any way she can.

"When the gas starts to go down, we do notice it," Gustafson said.

Experts say the price of gas is falling across the country. According to, the average price for a gallon of gas in Wisconsin is $3.46. That's close to 15 cents lower than the national average, and more than 40 cents lower than one month ago.

"I think the prices are getting better, but I think they could get a lot better, people need lower gas prices," Ronald Nerlock of Weston said.

Experts note the drop in prices is a bit later than usual. But they say it's making up for lost time.

"It usually starts in late September and it's much slower. You know, maybe a penny every few days. This has been much quicker and it occurred later than we expected," Patrick DeHaan, gas expert at told Newsline 9.

Gas station owners say they hope the prices will fall even more.

"It's still expensive for customers, but at least it's going in the right direction," Keith Rybacki, Weston BP Owner said.

Experts say it's doubtful the price of gas will dip below $3 in Wisconsin. And as the holidays get closer, prices are expected to rise again.

"Perhaps some minor increases around the New Year, but major increase will be coming next spring," DeHaan said.

But customer says they'll enjoy the lower prices while they last.


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