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Local families watch the East Coast closely


The super storm has its eye on the East Coast and so do family and friends of people in its path.

"I did not sleep really well last night, it is unsettling," said David Keeffe.

Keeffe's son, Erin, lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Although he's not in an evacuation zone, he's already seeing the effects.

"A lot of businesses are closed, people are working from home, it takes a while for them to shut it down and to bring it back up, so even after the storm passes, transportation will be down for a while," said Erin Keeffe.

His father said he's seen many hurricanes over the years and in a major storm like this, you have to be prepared for anything.

"You're like looking for a place in your house where you don't think a two by four could come flying through the window and hit you, cause you think about the odd things that can happen," said Keeffe.

The storm hasn't made traveling any easier, canceling thousands of flights and closing major highways and bridges.

Kate Lynch from Quincy, Massachusetts said she hopes to catch a flight to central Wisconsin this week.

"A lot of flights were canceled today, and for tomorrow, they're already pre-canceling them, so hopefully it doesn't affect Thursday," said Lynch.

Lynch said this storm has brought everything in her community to a halt.

"Most work is canceled, all the schools were canceled and we're recommended to stay inside and not to drive," said Lynch.

As people hunker down, waiting for the super storm's arrival.

"I love you, take care, you've got water and protein, you're good right," said Keeffe.

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