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Weston allows public to weigh in on possible tax hikes

Weston allows public to weigh in on possible tax hikes


The Village of Weston is struggling with their budget, like many other municipalities. That's why it's hosting listening sessions--giving the public a change to weigh in on possible tax increases.

The Village of Weston held the second of three listening sessions--all in an effort to hear what residents have to say about the budget and upcoming referendum questions.

"I think for any government to just come in and say we're having a hard time with our budget and we're just going to raise taxes on the community without giving them an opportunity to have a voice and a say is wrong," Weston Village Administrator Daniel Guild told Newsline 9.

Village administrators say they need more than $500,000 to help fill a gap in the budget.

"We want to hear from the public and know what they feel about the issue," Guild said.

"I was undecided before I got here, but since I've listened, it was a good thing," Landy Koppa from Weston said.

I spoke to several residents who are not for the tax increase. None wanted to talk on camera. But people from both sides say the meeting was informative.

Village officials say $120,000 of the money would go to fund bus service, which hasn't run in Weston since last year. It has been a controversial issue.

In June, residents voted to bring back the bus service next year. If the referendum passes, the other portion of the money would go toward maintaining current operations.

"It's energy costs, it's technology costs, it's equipment costs. No labor increases, no staffing increases," Guild said.

Both questions are on the November ballot, and if both fail, that means changes could be on the way.

"If we can't raise revenue, we have to look at cutting services," Guild.

The third session is being held at the municipal center on Thursday night.


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