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Argentina's Grupo Clarin defies government threats

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) -

Grupo Clarin executives say they have no intention of submitting plans to dismantle the company ahead of a Dec. 7 deadline announced by the Argentine government.

Clarin spokesman Martin Etchevers said the media conglomerate, which includes newspapers, magazines and television and radio stations and provides cable TV and Internet access, is entirely focused on persuading the courts that Argentina's anti-monopoly law is unconstitutional.

The government says any media company failing to show how it will comply with ownership limitations will see their broadcast licenses auctioned off immediately following the deadline.

Clarin Editor Ricardo Kirschbaum and Cablevision CEO Carlos Moltini told foreign correspondents Tuesday that their group needs to grow even bigger to remain independent in the face of government threats and favoritism to its competitors.

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