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Authorities say Lincoln Co. woman stole lottery tickets


Employees at Remington Oil Convenience store said it didn't take long to notice something was wrong.

"When we went to put up another set of lottery tickets, we were missing lottery tickets, a whole book, well books," said Maxine Kane.

And what was missing, more than $1,000 dollars worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

"Our office is in the back, she probably slipped in there when we weren't looking, when we were busy, who knows," said Kane.

Lincoln Co. Sheriff's officials said 22-year-old Jennifer Boyd was a former employee at the gas station.

Investigators said she took those tickets and cashed in about $500 dollars in winnings.

"She was able to cash in some of the tickets before the thefts were reported," said Lt. Tim Fischer.

But after gas station employees and authorities found out the tickets were missing, police put security measures in place.

"If she would try and cash those in or redeem those stolen tickets, they'd come up flagged as stolen," said Lt. Fischer.

Boyd has not been charged, but police said they are recommending charges of theft and burglary.

This case has the gas station workers taking a second look at how they do business.

"Keep good track of things," said Kane.

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