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Cost of Thanksgiving dinner expected to be lower in 2012


Everyone has their favorite dish for Thanksgiving.

"Sweet potatoes and turkey," said Mary Koeppel.

"Stuffing and turkey," said Mary Knitter.

If you're in the grocery store and looking for a good deal, it may not be hard to find. Many stores are offering discounts on big ticket items, like turkeys, if you spend just a little money.

"They're pretty much down a little bit, but we've got some good sales that bring them down even further though," said Sandy Hanke.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation said their latest Market Basket survey showed Wisconsin shoppers can expect a lower bill for their meal this year: about $49 dollars.

Officials said that's nearly a dollar less than 2011.

"Last year, we had a historically low amount of turkey in cold storage and that really drove up the price last year," said Casey Langan.

Experts said the survey included 16 items and many dropped in price.

On average last year, a 5 lb. bag of russet potatoes cost about $2.40. The survey found this year, that cost is about $1.92. The survey also found a 20 oz. loaf of white bread last year, averaged $1.67. This year, the cost dropped to $1.52.

Polly Zyduck said she's looking to take advantage of the good deals.

"Oh that'll be great, just makes shopping all the more fun because I'm a bargain shopper, I look at the ads weekly and go from there," said Zyduck.

For Zyduck, stocking up for Thanksgiving is a family affair.

"Definitely have to look for sales and deals and stuff, I mean, there's really no other way that you can afford it if you don't," said Lydiah Zyduck.

Another thing for shoppers to be thankful for this season.

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