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Lincoln County Animal Shelter leaders make plans for the future


The Lincoln County Humane Society needs to make some big changes to meet state standards. That will mean a major upgrade of the facility, so fundraising is now ongoing. Shelter Manager Liz Friedenfels says, "We have raised $60,000 dollars. The shelter needs an overhaul to meet code. We would like to add on in the current facility, so we can make upgrades gradually as the money becomes available."

The shelter is located on county-owned land near the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in Merrill. The Fair Board is looking to build a coliseum, and concerns were raised that there wouldn't be enough space for both the fairground  and shelter expansions. That resulted in rumors spreading that the shelter might be ousted from its location.

County Board Chairman Robert Lussow tells Newsline 9, that won't happen."The shelter has 15 years remaining on a 50-year lease of that land. They can remain there as long as they want to." 

Shelter and County Board members met and talked about the situation. Shelter members say they have a contract and know their lease is in place. They also plan to talk with the  Merrill community leaders, to see if there is any available in the city that could hold a shelter. Freidenfels says, "We are all now trying to work together to make this work for everyone. Our only concerns is where out shelter is going to be. We want to provide the best service we can for the animals and the people living here. We need to have a location that is accessible and safe, that is a long-term commitment."



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