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Some hunters find success early while other keep trying


This year marks the 161st gun-deer season and DNR officials say they're seeing success across the Badger State.

But for some, the hunt has been challenging.

"It's been very slow, we basically haven't seen a tail," said Rick Jones.

Jones has been hunting for more than 40 years, and he's done well.

"Past years it was nothing to have 5 or 6 bucks hanging you know the first weekend," said Jones.

But this year has been different.

"It's been down and we don't like it so much, but we do enjoy the hunt and hunting isn't just about deer, it's about the comradery and the food we consume and make and just the fun you have," said Jones.

Jones said this year's unseasonably warm weather has definitely made an impact on the hunt.

"They don't have to move so much to keep warm, their food, seems like they don't need as much food," said Jones.

DNR officials say the weather can change the way deer will act.

"They've got their winter coats coming in and you know 55 degrees and with the bright sun overhead it's definitely going to be warm," said Ed Culhane.

But officials also stress gun-deer season can be unpredictable.

"Things change and deer movements change and they're not evenly distributed on the landscapes," said Culhane.

Although it hasn't been an ideal start, Jones said he's optimistic.

"You gotta be at the right place at the right time, when that bucks going to walk right into the area," said Jones.

He said he'll continue to hunt throughout the week, hoping to catch sight of a big buck.

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