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Families enjoy Marshfield Rotary Winter Wonderland


Lights, sounds and Christmas cheer.

The Rotary Winter Wonderland in Marshfield has been charming families for seven years.

Nicole Mohr and her family took in the holiday sights.

"We were spending the day together all day today, and we just decided to come over, come over and see the lights tonight," said Nicole Mohr.

The rotary winter wonderland boasts over one million lights.

Displays are timed to match the music playing throughout the grounds.

"I like coming here so much because of how the lights are put up to the music and how they have so much stuff for you to look at," said Ashton Mohr.

The Mohr family says that spending Christmas Eve at the Rotary Winter Wonderland is a bonding activity.

"So many kids haven't ever seen this many lights all at one time and going to the music and everything. So yeah, it's definitely a good family experience," said Nicole Mohr.

"I think it's just amazing how they take time and effort to put everything together for people just to come and look at it and get into the Christmas spirit," said Ashton Mohr.

Nicole Mohr says she wants to give her family a Christmas tradition they'll cherish for years to come.

"I think they'll definitely remember this," said Nicole Mohr.

The Rotary Winter Wonderland is open until December 31.

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