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Vets will report vaccinations to Wausau


A new ordinance passed by Wausau council members will require veterinarians who treat pets that reside at Wausau homes to submit vaccination records.

Vets are required to turn in the information monthly to an online database called PetData that stores and tracks the records.

Some local veterinarians told Newsline 9 the plan is a good idea.

"We really need to make sure that our animals are properly vaccinated and cared for," Veterinarian Carlo Riolo said. He works at the Kronenwetter Animal Emergency Center.

Until this year, city leaders say there's been no city-wide system for online pet licensing. With PetData, Riolo said his job at the center will be made easier.

"We'll be able to search using either the rabies tag number or the pet data number whichever happens to be on their collar," Riolo said.

That means staff members can look up lost dogs and provide better care.

But some pet owners worry the system will give out personal information. They declined to comment on camera. Riolo said that's not true.

"The important information like owner address and phone number. None of that is available to the public."

Wausau city council member Keene Winters said requiring veterinarians to submit vaccination records will help the city manage the pet population.

"Right now, most multiple pet owners are hiding from us," Winters said.

He told Newsline 9 that makes it hard to create good pet policy, but now that vets are involved it will improve the process.

"We hope that this will give us a complete, better and complete registry of the pets that are in this city," he said.

The PetData system is already in use by the city and leaders encourage pet owners to go online and license their pets now.

Pet owners are required by law to register their pets. If Wausau residents are found with pets that are not licensed, a fine could be issued.

Veterinarians will be required to submit the first set of vaccination records by January 31st and will continue to report by that deadline each month, Winters said.

Follow this link to take a look at the PetData website:

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