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Jefferson Award Winner: Sally Scinto-Reinertson

Sally Scinto-Reinertson Sally Scinto-Reinertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) - Sally Scinto-Reinertson is the Jefferson Award winner for the month of January.  She is a volunteer for  Greater Wausau Christian Services.

As part of her efforts, she goes into the Marathon County Jail in Wausau and meets with inmates. We followed her into a session on December 26th. There we witnessed her meet with 8 young women for bible study.

Sally Scinto-Reinertson said to the women,"We will be judged by what's in our hearts. What you bring with you is the kindness in your hearts.."

Her comments were in reference to an inspirational message she posted on a board, at the front of the room.

Scinto-Reinertson works with the inmates while are incarcerated and mentors some of them, once they are released. 

It is a labor of love for her, since she retired after spending 24 years on the Wausau Fire Department, the first female to join the department. It is her way of giving back, as she describes it, "It is not so much about saving lives anymore, maybe it is about changing lives through my volunteer work."

She also takes part in a gift-giving project for the children of inmates, which goes beyond simply having a gift on Christmas morning. She says providing the children with holiday gifts, lets them know the jailed parents hasn't forgotten about them.

Her work involves  challenging inmates to focus on  what landed them in jail and what it will take to change their lives. She says it allows her to fulfill a life-long goal." I am living my dream.  I always wanted to retire and do volunteer work and that's what I am doing. I find our health and happiness is achieved through the work we do for others and I get satisfaction out of doing for others.

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