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Sled dog race in Antigo is on hold until February


The lack of snow has put a damper on some of central Wisconsin's most popular outdoor activities. The sled dog race in Antigo is on hold until next month. That is if we can get enough snow. 

People in the Northwoods aren't very happy they'll have to wait a while for the sled dog races in Antigo. 

"It's very disappointing for me and the community because I know how hard everybody's worked," said Elton resident Ken Castaldi. 

Castalda has been sled dog racing for 15 years. He says he moved to Langlade County with his wife just for the trails. 

"We wanted to pursue sled racing more seriously and this is a great place to do that, so that's what drew us to that area," he said. 

But the area is lacking snow and some parts of the race trail don't have enough of it. Organizers say the little snow that we got wasn't the right kind.

"A good amount of snow would be about 10 more inches, however we could get by with less, it really depends on the type of snow we get, if we get that soft powdery stuff that blows away that's where we run into problems," said the Langlade County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Deena Grabowsky. 

The sled dog race was scheduled for January 12th and 13th, but now the event has been moved to mid February. Organizers say that hurts business.

"A lot of outside people that come in to the area, we actually will get several calls to the chamber office inquiring about it that they want to come up," said Grabowsky. 

Gas station owner Marlene Straley has her fingers crossed, hoping the weather cooperates. 

"It means great business, they come in they buy gas, they buy groceries, it brings in all the people in the area," said Straley. 

People that are obviously frustrated with the unusual Wisconsin weather we've had. 

"This is the lifestyle for me, this is what I do, we moved here to pursue this and pretty much everything else is secondary,  this is what we do," said Castaldi. 

The sled dog races have been canceled the last two years. But people here hope the third time's a charm.

Officials say if the weather doesn't cooperate for the date in February, the entire event will just have to be canceled. 

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