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Some recommend flu shot alternatives


When it comes to flu prevention, not all people agree the vaccination is the best way to stay healthy.

"We believe that the literature supports the fact that the flu vaccine does have risks and dangers. It's not terribly effective, and there are good options available," said James Bowman, clinical director at Alternative Health Concepts in Stevens Point.

Alternative Health Concepts focuses on natural methods of healing.

Bowman said he doesn't think the vaccine is for everyone.

"The research will show that there are risks. There are always risks with synthetic chemicals that are put in the body," said Bowman.

But other health professionals said the vaccine is safe and helps keep you healthy.

"It works tremendously well. Influenza is a very serious illness. The flu shot is safe, and it's effective. There's no reason not shot," said Dr. Ralph Locher, a pediatrician at Ministry Medical Group.

According to the CDC, this year's flu shot is 62 percent effective. Dr. Locher said that's because there are many different strains of influenza, but he still recommends being vaccinated.

"Even if the vaccination is only partially effective, it will make you much less sick than you would have been otherwise. So, it's still absolutely worth getting," said Dr. Locher.

If you do choose to get the flu shot, health officials say it's not too late.

The vaccine takes two weeks to reach its full effectiveness.

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