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Cold temperatures could mean frozen pipes


The drop in temperatures could mean some headaches for homeowners.

The owner of Wausau Plumbing says the cold weather can freeze up pipes and that means no water. We actually caught up with him on the job at a home in Wausau.

 During the winter season he says he gets called at least 3 times a week to fix cracked or frozen pipes. 

"If you think you might freeze up let your water run just a little bit just let it dribble out there you're drain may freeze up but your water line won't, you know if you have water going down your drain possibly freezes you can always thaw it out and if the water line freezes up that'll probably break it," said Tom Martinez, owner of Wausau Plumbing. 

Martinez also advises to keep the heat up and make sure the windows in your home are closed to help prevent the pipes from freezing.

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