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Tips for staying safe in frigid temperatures


You'll probably have to venture out at some point during this arctic blast, and when you do, you'll want to follow some tips to stay safe.

Police officers told Newsline 9 when the temperature drops, they log more miles on the road often looking for people who have gotten stranded.

"People who have cars breakdown on the back country roads are less likely to be found or are in poor cell reception area," Lt. Tim Fischer with the Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Office said.

He said even if your car is in good shape, you should always be prepared with blankets, extra clothes and cold-weather gear.

Officers said when they do find people with no place to go, they have options like the Salvation Army in Wausau.

"People definitely need a place to stay. The warming center is quite ready to open yet, so this is kind of an interim solution to the problem," Wausau Police Department Deputy Chief Bryan Hilts said.

But the cold weather doesn't only affect people.

Experts told us if you need to wear extra layers due to the cold, your pet might also need to.

"The smaller dogs and certainly those that have a finer or shorter hair coat, they need to be thinking about protective coats, jackets," Veterinarian Chris Bleifuss said.

He added that taking shorter walks and minimizing your pet's time outdoors is also smart.

"Little booties can be helpful to try and minimize the extreme cold."

Some small steps to help everyone stay safe during this winter blast.




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