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Outdoors with Lauren: Rabbit Hunting


Elmer Fudd's famous line when rabbit hunting is to "stay very very quiet". I took that advice in this week's 'Outdoors with Lauren".

The key to a successful rabbit hunt is having properly trained beagles. Brady Dallman explains how to train them, "When they're pups, just train them on rabbit and try to get them on a rabbit cage, trying to get the scent going. Trying to get it in their brain so they know how to act when they're out in the wild. "
    After getting permission from the farmer to hunt on his land, Went out with the Dallman family with a plan. Dallman elaborates, "Get the dogs out first, get them on the track and once in a while step on brush piles. If there are any tracks around the brush piles. There's a lot of sign out in this area, so we should be able to catch a couple "
    We did our job of following the cottontail tracks, and stepping on brush piles. The dogs stayed on the scent and did their job of chasing the rabbits right in front of us.
    It wasn't long before we hit our limit of three a piece, and we owe our success to the highly trained and hard working pups.
    A hard days work goes beyond the sport, it also puts dinner on the table. Dallman says his family eats rabbit all the time, "I love it, we'll usually just take it to the meat processing, or just cook it up on the frying pan. Either way it's really good."

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