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Athlete of the Week: Abbotsford's Kim Lecheler


Kim Lecheler has accomplished a feat that only few high school basketball players have; scoring 1,000 career points. She did it in Abbotsford's first game of the season this year against Augusta, not realizing the irony of it all until afterwards.

"I got my first high school career point against Augusta my freshman year, and in the same way, at that hoop here at the home game, a right handed layup," said Lecheler

Lecheler averages 17 points a game, which is first in the Marawood North conference. She's also top three in rebounds per game, field goal percentage, and free throw percentage. Coach Gary Gunderson says having a player like that only makes his job easier.

"Because of her quickness we can set her up on defense to create problems for the other team that way as well," said Gunderson.

"So not only does it help us offensively, but it makes our job easier defensively as well."

Lecheler now has nearly thirteen-hundred career points, but she says that's not the statement that her and the Falcons are trying to make.

"In past years we've had a hard time even getting a win for the team. Girls basketball was just a joke, in all honesty. Now when people come to games and they're actually being able to think that we can actually win something, it's good to have that feeling."

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