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New Helmet Safety Rules Added in HS Football


Player safety is always a top concern, especially in football. And next season, more rules are being added at the high school level to increase helmet safety. The rule changes include:

  • Any player that touches a helmet-less player will get a personal foul
  • No player may continue playing immediately after losing his helmet

The National Federation of State High School Associations also clarified an existing rule that if a player loses his helmet, but didn't lose it because of an opposing player, he must sit out for at least one down.

These rules were added last month and approved this past week. Coaches and officials from the WIAA say these rules should improve player safety.

"The proper fitting of helmets is the reason that was there," WIAA Deputy Director Wade Labecki said. "When their helmet can come off without pulling the ear holes out, that's an improperly fit helmet. That's why this rule is in there; to help properly fit helmets, reduce concussions, and reduce injuries that way."

"I think some of the rules about concussions over the last two years are probably more major with what you have to do, which we were doing already," DC Everest coach Luke Coenen said. "A lot of the stuff is just common sense and they're just putting it down in writing so that everyone is using common sense when it comes to head injuries."

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