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Love doctor weighs in on Valentine's Day


With Valentine's Day here, love is in the air, and we wanted to find some tips and pointers on the science of romance.

It's an age old question, what is love? Many of us have our own ideas about romance and attraction and Chris Wilbur specializes in it.

He's an assistant professor at UW-Marathon County. While the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover, Wilbur says we often cannot help it.

"We often do make a very immediate appraisal of people based on their appearance," Wilbur told Newsline 9.

No other day brings love to life more than Valentine's Day. But what's the difference between love at first sight and a love that grows?

"How does it come that someone you're maybe not initially attracted to, that based on certain processes, how do you become more attracted to that person over time," Wilbur said.

It's that attraction that fascinates many experts. How can someone go from being a friend to being much more?

"Someone who is maybe of average attraction expresses a liking toward you, that some how makes you start to notice that person in a different way," Wilbur said.

But how do you go about getting someone to notice you? Wilbur says less is more.

"It's actually better to subtly indicate interest in somebody you have a crush on, not over the top," Wilbur said.

As for that saying, opposites attract, it may not be as true as we think.

"The less dissimilar we are to people, the more people want to get together," Wilbur told Newsline 9.

And would you believe the color of your clothes may help you seem more attractive to others?

"Because we've associated red with love, when we see people wearing red on any day, we see those people as more attractive," Wilbur said.

Although it may be cliché, the attraction really lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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