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Women's Health: The 40's

Women's Health: The 40's Women's Health: The 40's

Staying fit isn't always easy. But it can help keep us healthier as we age. Andi Burns of Weston knows this, so she makes exercise a regular part of her routine. Burns says, "I work out regularly  and I can tell my health is in a good place because I take the time to exercise."

In her mid-forties, Burns is a busy woman outside the gym as well. She is a wife, mother of 5 and a successful  business owner. Her life is a busy one. In addition to getting exercise, she also tries to eat right and makes she undergoes yearly check-ups. "I think early detection is the key. So I feel it is important to have a mammogram and yearly doctor visit."

Doctors recommend several health screenings by the time a woman reaches her 40's.  During this decade, screenings for diabetes, pap tests and mammograms will likely be recommended. Your health care provider will suggest when and how frequently you will need them.

Dr. Alisa Johnson  is a Radiologist who provides services to Good Samaritan Health Center in Merrill. She says mammograms are essential in determining breast health, "At 40 you will begin screening mammograms and continue those yearly. What it does is allow you to see an abnormality. "

Dr. Johnson says even if you don't have history of breast cancer in your family, screening is essential. Johnson says,"70-80% of women have no risk factors. No family history. So it is really important for women to get those screening mammograms done."

Dr. Johnson adds some doctors add screening tests to look at  your bone density to determine if you are at risk for developing osteoporosis.

In the 40's more tests come into play when it comes to women's health. Health care providers say knowing your risks and making healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to diet and exercise, keep your muscles, bones and heart healthy,  for years to come.

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