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FAA takes over investigation of Langlade Co. plane crash


Pieces of metal shine around the wreckage of a Cessna 177 in Langlade Co. It's a scene the Langlade County Sheriff said is rare.

"We've probably only had a handful in the last 10 to 20 years that we've been involved in," said Langlade Co. Sheriff, Bill Greening.

The sheriff said the plane crashed after the engine apparently stalled around 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

"Several minutes prior to that, he had radio contact with Minneapolis air traffic control reporting to them that he was experiencing engine problems," said Sheriff Greening.

Officials said with only minor injuries, 36-year-old pilot Russell Haas and his wife from Manitowoc, are lucky to be alive.

"We're very fortunate and lucky that no one was injured seriously in this crash and I'm sure the occupants in the crash feel the same way," said Sheriff Greening.

The plane left a mark as it crashed in the back yard of an Elcho home on Hunting River Road. It left branches, metal shards and broken trees behind.

"The plane had flipped over and landed on its top after he had tried to land it on the ground," said Sheriff Greening.

Now, investigators are removing the plane and taking it to Pulaski, where the FAA will start its own investigation into the crash.

"The FAA had given the pilot permission to remove the aircraft from the scene and transport it to the hangar in Pulaski," said Sheriff Greening.

Now, as the pieces are being hauled away, FAA investigators will focus on figuring out why the engine stalled.   

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