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Storm could make for a messy morning commute


The same storm that rocked parts of the country is heading our way, and it could make for a messy morning commute.

Slick streets full of cars also make life difficult for people clearing the roads.

"You got people that can't move," said Don Skare, Superintendent of Public Works for Wausau. "You got people that are spinning their tires, you got people not paying attention to what's going on. It's a bad time for all the guys in the plow trucks."

"We also try not to travel on the roads too much," said Sgt. Carrie Johnson, Wisconsin State Patrol. "We don't want to get involved in crashes either. You kinda sit and wait for it to happen. But they will patrol and make sure people are safe out there."

Johnson says sometimes the small storms create the biggest problems.

"You know, people heed the warnings when there is a huge snowstorm,"said Johnson. "You get 7,8,9 inches, people call off work, or schools close, that helps us a great deal. But when there is just a couple of inches coming, that creates a real mess for us."
To stay ahead of the storm, road crews plan to start clearing the streets in Wausau Thursday night.

"They will be out there removing the snow from some of the narrow streets," said Skare. "So now when they go to plow the snow, if we get what they are planning on, there will be places to put it in some of these areas that are getting tighter and tighter."

Steps to ensure drivers get through another storm safely.

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