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StormTrack 9 teams up with WeatherBug


StormTrack 9 is unveiling a first of it's kind weather monitoring program for Northcentral Wisconsin. 

"It is a powerful tool" meteorologist Jacob Wycoff told Newsline 9. 

Wycoff works with WeatherBug.  That's a network of private weather observation sites StormTrack 9 is teaming up with.  The partnership is makes real-time atmospheric data from nearly 10,000 stations available to our meteorologists at Newsline 9.

"You're getting data every two seconds.  So when a thunderstorm moves into an area you're going to be able to see those rain totals tick up as it's going on" Wycoff said.

That's an important feature.  Right now publicly available weather observation sites report data hourly.  But with StormTrack 9's new partnership, we'll know exactly how much rain is falling, how strong the wind is blowing, and a number of other atmospheric conditions instantly as they happen. 

"The airport data could be up to an hour old, and as meteorologists know, weather changes in between those hourly observations.  So as Newsline 9 is our exclusive partner here in Wausau, you're not going to have to wait for that next update" Wycoff said.

WeatherBug observation sites have already been working at Horace Mann Middle School in Wausau, Spencer, Wisconsin Rapids, Rhinelander and Adams-Frienship. 

The partnership also makes available a nationwide network of sky cams available to StormTrack 9. 

"Weather comes from other areas of the country and when it's moving toward Wausau you are going to be able to show the weather on those camera as it comes closer to you" Wycoff said.

For a look at the latest forecast from the StormTrack 9 team of meteorologists, follow this link:

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