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Healthy Women: The 50's

Healthy Women at 50 Healthy Women at 50

By the time a woman reaches her 50's, chances are she is already undergoing a number of regular health screenings. What they are and how often she undergoes them, is a decision she must make with her doctor. Health experts say your family history and lifestyle will play a role in determining that.

Cancers survivor Donna Schulz of Merrill says it is important for women to talk with their doctors and know their risks. She credits early detection of breast cancer with saving her life.

Pap smears, monograms and screening your cholesterol levels and risk for diabetes have usually started by 50. Depending on your risks, your doctor will likely have you begin screening for  colorectal cancer  and thyroid problems.

For women who are 50 or older hormone levels are also changing, due to menopause. Because of that you may experience bone loss. Dr. Alisa Johnson is a Radiologist who provides services to Good Samaritan Hospital in Merrill. She says bone loss can result in osteoporosis, so you may need to have a bone density test. Dr. Johnson notes, "If it is lower than it should be, we can take steps to treat it so you can avoid osteoporosis, which can be catastrophic when you get older."

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