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What the sequester could mean for Wisconsin


According to a report released by the White House, Wisconsin school systems will face an $8.5 million cut in federal funding if automatic spending cuts go into effect.

"It really puts pressure on everything to make sure that we are providing everything we need on a daily basis," said D.C. Everest School District Superintendent, Kristine Gilmore.

Wisconsin programs teaching children with disabilities would face an even bigger cut of just more than ten million dollars.

"Those kids' needs don't go away, so we would have to find find a way to subsidize where that money came from," said Gilmore.

The cuts would also affect airports here. The report said the Federal Aviation Administration faces a cut of $600 million. That would force the FAA to furlough its 47,000 employees and possibly close some smaller airport towers, including Central Wisconsin Airport's.

"The control of the airspace would revert back to Minneapolis center," said Central Wisconsin Airport Administrator, Tony Yaron.

The report said the TSA would also have to furlough its employees for at least seven days, which has airport administrators concerned about delays.

"If there are 100 that are going to be closed around the nation, that's going to put more of a burden across the center sectors throughout the nation," said Yaron.

Police in our state could also see a loss in Justice Assistance Grants, of more than $200,000.

Wausau Police Deputy Chief Bryan Hilts said they use the money to keep the department equipped.

"We added an additional squad car to our fleet using local funds, but we used the federal JAG money to help us equip the car," said Hilts.

In the past year, more than a dozen law enforcement offices has been awarded JAG grants in Wisconsin, totaling more than $1 million.

For now, officials said this is a "wait and see" situation, as they try to figure out what it could mean for their departments.

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