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Outdoors with Lauren: Ice Fishing for Walleye

Aiming for a large walleye on a Vilas county lake, preparations begin in the late afternoon. Ben Mueller says it's key to start early. "We start setting up at 3:30 and set the shack up on this point, just drilling holes and trying to find a point and start setting tip ups down."
    We're using little minnows as bait, setting the tip-ups just on the edge of an underwater finger on the lake adjacent to deep water. Mueller says it's a waiting game, "A lot of patience, the big fish are suspended over deep water, and we're just waiting for those bait fish to go shallow and that's when you intercept them and the flags go up and you get action. The windows vary from day to day, it's just patience for these big fish."
    We check in at the luxury heated shack where the crew is making homemade french fries, just waiting in comfort for the fish to bite.
     Taking turns to check the tip-ups, we never do get our monster walleye we set out for.  "You don't know what's going to be on the other end of that line, but patience and once you get there, the reward could be huge."

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