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Extremely lopsided girls basketball scores


High school basketball playoffs are underway, with teams across the state competing to be number one. But Tuesday night, there were some extremely lopsided girls' games, including one in our area.

As parents, players, and coaches watched Assumption take on Granton, the game was anything but close.

"Going into the game, we kind know where we were,"Granton Coach Ron Klein said.

The Assumption Royals would take down the Granton Bulldogs by a final score of 79-3.

"The score does look bad. When it's 79-3, it does look bad. But we told our kids, you're going to play hard. We're not trying to rub it in at all. It was just one of those games," Assumption Coach Joe Birkhauser said.

But how does a game end with such a difference in scores? Right now, it's the coaches who say this kind of match up in the postseason makes sense.

"The teams are matched up accordingly, so that you can see the better games later on in the playoffs," Klein said.

WIAA officials say coaches are free to make suggestions for association changes, if they see games like this as a problem. They say it's the coaches who decide which teams play each other.

"The coaches have not wanted to put in place a rule that would either end a game early or speed up a game," WIAA Director ofCommunications Todd Clark said.

Instead of going into the game with sights on winning, Granton's coach says it was about more than that.

"We had to set smaller goals. We obviously knew going in that we probably weren't going to give assumption the game that we were hoping to," Klein told Newsline 9.

Now, Klein says it's about looking ahead.

"Wasn't fun, but we learned from things to work on this summer," Klein said.

WIAA officials say they will continue to monitor games and scores as the postseason continues.

State athletic officials say coaches can look at any rule once a season is over. They say it's up to them if a mercy rule becomes a part of the game in the future.

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