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After 39 years a saleswoman in Merrill is calling it a career

After 39 years a saleswoman in Merrill is calling it a career


A store in Merrill is saying goodbye to a longtime saleswoman. For decades, Patsy Travis has helped dress men for all occasions at The Guys Shop in Merrill. But that all came to an end Thursday.

After 39 years Patsy Travis is calling it a career. TToday she retired from The Guys Shop in Downtown Merrill. IIt's a bittersweet moment for one dedicated worker.

The Guys Shop first opened it's doors in 1972.  IIn 1974, Patsy Travis joined the team.

"And I went from working for a CPA into the men's store not knowing a whole lot about men's clothing but I do now," said Travis. 

39 years later Travis is an expert at selling men's clothing. The Guys Shop carries it all, from pants to shoes.

"We did a lot of tuxedos for proms, Peppermints, you know all the dances," she said. 

But after all that hard work and dedication, TTravis says it's time to put down the measuring tape and take up retirement. 

"It's hard, I didn't think it would be, but it's hard," said Travis. 

But it's not only hard for her.   

"I've got mixed emotions in that regard, she's been part of this store for almost 40 years, Sherri and I have worked with her for 17 years and she is really The Guys Shop," said Jack Kleinschmidt, The Guys Shop owner. 

Owners of The Guys Shop say replacing Travis is impossible.

"Patsy had that ability to communicate well with her customers and I think she always has the ability to make them feel comfortable," said Kleinschmidt. 

One of those customers is Robert Thiele.

"I'm going to be lost, I'll go to Jack his wife and his son but I'll be lost without her, there's something about her she just seemed like she knew what she was doing, she's been in the clothing business for years," said Thiele.  

A fashion expert that's made her an icon, not only in the store but around town. 

"I have gotten a really nice response from the community people that know that I'm retiring they have been really supportive and wish me the best," said Travis. 

"She'll be missed definitely, I don't know what I'm going to do without her I wish her a lot of health and happiness," said Thiele. 

A successful 39 years later it all comes down to this. Travis says she's ready to slow down and suit up for a new life.

Travis says she's looking forward to spending more time with her four children, 12 grandchildren and two great grandsons. She says if The Guys Shop owners need help at any moment, she's just a phone call away. 

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