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Marshfield woman speaks about bizarre prank phone call


A prank call on Thursday had 80-year-old Bernice Weinfurter confused and scared.

"They said there was a methane gas leak north of town and there were some things I had to do to see if it was in the house," said Weinfurter.

The call only got weirder. The callers told Weinfurter to put ketchup in her toilet to test for contamination.

"It would show up either bubbles or green color..well I said it didn't do nothing and they said then what you have to do, you have to turn off the circuit breakers," said Weinfurter.

But she couldn't reach the breakers and the callers told her to go to a neighbor's house and stay. But, she was afraid of slipping outside.

"He says well then crawl there, and I said I don't think so. He says otherwise go dig an igloo in the backyard and go crawl in there," said Weinfurter.

The call came from a 1-800 number which Marshfield Police said was somehow taken from an east coast company and used to make prank calls around the nation. Police don't know how many.

"He says, you've got to get out of the house, otherwise we're going to have to quarantine you," said Weinfurter.

She said as the call went on, she worried about her safety and called police.

"I'm all shook up then, cause being here all alone and I can't get out, I didn't know what to do," said Weinfurter.

Police said the grandmother did exactly the right thing.

"Give law enforcement a call, we'll respond and we'll do our best to put a stop to it," said Marshfield Police Lt. Rick Gramza.

Now, Weinfurter said she just jokes with her son about the telephone call.

"He says, well I see the methane gas didn't get ya," said Weinfurter.

But in the future, she said the ketchup will stay in the kitchen and she'll screen her calls much more closely.

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