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Authorities "ecstatic" K-9 officer is home


The search for the Wood County drug dog is over. Sheriff's officers say Toro was found in the woods in Portage County early Tuesday morning. Newsline 9 was the first to break the good news that Toro was home.

"He's one of us, it was a very sad time at the sheriff's department and the community when he was missing," Lt. Shawn Becker said.

It took roughly 40 officials from 8 different departments almost two days to find Wood County K-9 officer Toro.

"It was a community effort," Wood County Sheriff Thomas Reichert said.

The highly trained drug dog disappeared Sunday night during a traffic stop.

"We're speculating now but something probably caught his attention," Sheriff Reichert said.

Throughout the search officials used a helicopter, hoping to get a better view of the area. But, nothing turned up.

"It was hard to see, a lot of tree cover," Sheriff Reichert explained.

Finally, an officer walking through the woods spotted something.

"When he was found, he was eating a deer carcass," Sheriff Reichert explained.

Toro was a mile away from where he was last seen.

"It was a hard search but persistence definitely paid off," Sheriff Reichert said.

Authorities say, although this incident did raise some concerns, they are confident in Toro's ability to perform.

"While he is highly trained and very sensitive to many commands, we have to remember he is just an animal," Sheriff Reichert said.

Toro will be back to work on Friday. Wood County authorities say for now, they sent him home. After all, he needs to get some rest.

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